Cannot Snuff Out That Light

  Darkness came and struck it’s blow; “I’ve come to steal and kill, and bring you low.”   Darkness was waiting for it’s time and prey; “Now let my destruction spread upon you today.”   Now Darkness watches prideful, beaming with delight; “Let’s see how many crumble and no longer fight.”   Darkness conspires to […]

Bless Your Family, Day 31 – Sprints and Marathons

31 Days to Bless Your Family Series

Blessing Your Family, Sprints & Marathons Welcome to Day 31 of our Journey through “31 Days to Bless Your Family”! Today’s theme is Sprints & Marathons. You have set out on a lifelong “run” to Bless Your Family, and you will be running for and hopefully alongside with your spouse and children. In a sense […]