Cannot Snuff Out That Light

  Darkness came and struck it’s blow; “I’ve come to steal and kill, and bring you low.”   Darkness was waiting for it’s time and prey; “Now let my destruction spread upon you today.”   Now Darkness watches prideful, beaming with delight; “Let’s see how many crumble and no longer fight.”   Darkness conspires to […]

Bless Your Family, Day 17 – Prayer

31 Days to Bless Your Family Series

Blessing Your Family, Prayer Welcome to Day 17 of our Journey through “31 Days to Bless Your Family”! Today’s theme is Prayer. In my opinion there is no more powerful resource available to Bless Our Families than through faith and inviting God into our marriage and parenting relationships, into our homes and into our extended […]

How to Have Life’s Most Important Conversation, Connecting With God

What to say and do when someone is ready to pray to be saved in Christ

The Hard Work Has Been Done For You   It may seem like the biggest, most important conversation (and decision) someone would have in their life might also be the biggest, most complicated and difficult thing to actually do. Some conversations and decisions may actually be that way, but this is not one of those […]

Welcome to “31 Days of Wisdom”

Sharing the book of Proverbs a chapter a day

I have always found myself happiest and most centered when I’ve intentionally read through Proverbs which has 31 chapters, one for each day of the month.   And I want to share that with you.     It only takes a few minutes to go through each chapter so it’s easy to do.   In […]

My Own Faith Journey

The beginnings of obedience to ministry

Here I am on the day of my baby baptism with (L-R) my dad and mom, grandpa, and the priest. You may have guessed my parents were Catholic at this time. In fact, I grew up going to Catholic Mass until I was in Junior High School. I remember my dad taking me to classes for […]

EDJ Baby Baptism