Bless Your Family, Day 13 – Generosity

31 Days to Bless Your Family Series

Blessing Your Family, Generosity Welcome to Day 13 of our Journey through “31 Days to Bless Your Family”! Today’s theme is Generosity, our follow up to Gratefulness in the “Sweetness Cycle” in our journey to Bless Your Family. Yesterday I shared that my wife and I have been grateful for each other, and that we […]

Wisdom, Day 19

31 Days of Wisdom

Welcome to Day 19 of our Journey through “31 Days of Wisdom”!   Today’s categories are integrity, generosity and diligence.     Twice this chapter mentions it is better to be poor… vs being a liar (v.22) or to be crooked in speech and a fool (v.1). Several times throughout this book of wisdom we […]