Wisdom, Day 15

31 Days of Wisdom

Welcome to Day 15 of our Journey through “31 Days of Wisdom”!


Today’s categories are dealing with anger properly, choosing your words wisely, the intent of the heart and one’s own contentment.


Proverbs 15:31


I like how this chapter reminds us that God sees the deeds of both the evil and the good. Maybe sometimes it becomes easy to think that if there is a God that He is distant or uninvolved, but this hints that God is present in everything and relates to us individually. That’s something a lot of other religions and belief systems, sciences or science fiction do not attend to… the presence and potential for intimacy with God involved in the everyday of everyone.

Anger and words or deeds done in anger are a big reference in this chapter, and I know I need to have more temperance and self-control. Anger is a natural human emotion, and even God gets angry according to scripture, but it’s how we deal with it. Good anger is when there is a just cause that we are prompted to act upon, like social injustices and inhumane circumstances. We must always remember to act and speak appropriately from a place of love and self-control when choosing to engage in this space. That’s not always easy.

There’s a lot to learn about cheerfulness, contentment and the state of our own heart toward things in this chapter. In the contrasting viewpoints, “it is better to”, we see that sometimes going with what seems natural isn’t always right. It takes a different understanding and choice to be less “worldly” in order to gain a different wealth or even peace and health. Other scripture says, ‘why gain the whole world and lose your soul’. Some things are just more important (and simple) than gaining power or knowledge of the universe, and ultimately still not gaining the things that matter most in life.



Proverbs 15:1

Proverbs 15:1



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“Make it a purpose-filled and on-target day!”


Proverbs 15:16

Proverbs 15:16


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