DARKNESS - Cannot Snuff Out That Light


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Darkness came and struck it’s blow;

“I’ve come to steal and kill, and bring you low.”


Darkness was waiting for it’s time and prey;

“Now let my destruction spread upon you today.”


Now Darkness watches prideful, beaming with delight;

“Let’s see how many crumble and no longer fight.”


Darkness conspires to spread across the land;

“I have homes and towns and countries crushing in my hand.”


But Darkness is greedy, lust drunk and blind;

“If they cower and retreat, real strength they’ll never find.”


See, Darkness has a weakness, its kryptonite;

“Keep them scared, no hope, unkind – no love, no light!”


All of Darkness, its plans, its schemes, must flee, and cannot stand;

“Dammit the flicker from just one man!”


Darkness exists and deceives, but is already defeated;

“Why must their faith, their hope, their love leave me cheated!”


Darkness has but limited power, and sometimes breaks through for a moment, an hour;


But Light has triumphed and won the battle for those who stand,

and nothing can conquer Love in the hearts of man.


So be ever watchful, stand guard, and Hope;

have Faith and Love which is needed the most.


For a little flicker, the warmth of that flame is a beacon to others to shine the same.

Darkness waits and Darkness strikes, but Darkness cannot snuff out that Light.


-Eric David Jackson

In loving memory,

of our Sweet P



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